Corwin "Corky" Meyer & Steve Ginter

The XF7F-1 (Grumman G-45) was order on June 30, 1941 and was intended to operated from the forthcoming 45,000 ton Midway class carriers. It was to be the first twin engine with tricycle undercarriage. It was heavily armed with four 20 mm guns in the wing roots and four 50 cal in the nose with strong point under the wings and fuselage to carry bombs and the Navy torpedo.

This book covers all of the many version along with it's use as a firebombers and some that are saved in the Museum.

176 pages, over 400 photos, 34 pages of drawings, 9 page of models colored front and back cover.

ORDER NUMBER - NF75 $34.95

ISBN 0-942612-75-2