USCG / USMC Beech Expeditor JRB / SNB / C-45
1940 through 1972

By Steve Ginter

Naval Fighters Number 118


Over 1,600 “Twin Beech” aircraft were given Bu No and operated by the Navy, Marines and Coast Guard. 8-versions were originally built. From the 8-versions, 21-different sub-versions were created which showed the versatility of this aircraft. It was used operationally as a trainer, transport, photo ship, hack and drone director. At some point it was operated by every NAS, NAAS, NAF, MCAS, and MAF, as well as many squadrons and ships. Its history lies in the photos of these assignments to places rarely heard of. 

89-pages, 275 b&w photos, 13 color photos, 30 drawings, 41 patches.
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