North American YF-93A

Penetration Fighter

By William Simone

North American's oft-forgotten YF-93A (NA-157) was an advanced version of the F-86A Sabre day fighter designed for the penetration fighter reqirement. It was originally designated the F-86C and was designed around NACA flush inlets and a 8,000 lb thrust J48 afterburning engine with three times the fuel of the F-86A, which gave it extremely long range. The two other penetration fighter candidates (the XF-88 and XF-90) had flown much earlier than the YF-93. All three types were not developed beyond the prototypes as the penetration fighter requirement was dropped by the Air Force. The aircraft sported F-86-style wings and tail mated to a new beffy fuselage with added electronics and 6-20mm cannon. The increased weight of the design led to a redesigned and strengthened dual-wheel main undercarrige. Only two-aircraft were built and the NACA flush intakes were replaced on ship one with conventional ram intakes resulting in increased overall performance. After retirement the two YF-93As were utilized at Moffett Field, CA, for further NACA testing before being scrapped.

52-pages, 4-color and 87-b&w photos, with 39 draqwings.

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ISBN: 978-0-942612-54-7